Exhibition – History of Hôtel-Dieu

Gallery 1: History of Hôtel-Dieu, Saint-Basile, New Brunswick (1873-1935)


The 425 photos in black and white used in this gallery illustrate the beginnings and evolution of Hôtel-Dieu St. Joseph, Saint-Basile of Madawaska, NB, from 1873 to 1935.

This virtual gallery of 11 thematic sections consists of around thirty photos each organized in chronological order. Brief descriptions situate the photos in the historical context.

Collections of Photographs

Except for a few loans, all the photos on this virtual exhibition were taken from collections of photos belonging to the RHSJ Archives, Saint-Basile, New Brunswick.

Hôtel-Dieu St. Joseph

First hospital of the Madawaska region, Hôtel-Dieu St. Joseph in Saint-Basile was for some time the only health institution serving both the Canadian and American sides of the St-John River. Often called the Convent of Saint-Basile, Hôtel-Dieu was also known for its contribution to education. From the last part of the 19th century and up to the middle of the 20th, Hôtel-Dieu housed a hospital, an orphanage and boarding schools for girls and young boys, a public school, a monastery for the nuns. There were also a farm and its outbuildings, a few houses near the Convent for employees.

The Religious Hospitallers who consecrated their life to God, have served a population made up mostly of French speaking and Catholic people, living in an isolated region far from important centres. They have contributed in a very remarkable way to the progress of the Greater Madawaska region. 

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History of Hôtel-Dieu (Exhibition)
Sense of belonging to Greater Madawaska (Exhibition)


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